Targeted and hyper-local, HotSpots are the perfect medium for reaching Chicago's neighborhoods.

At View Chicago, we don’t sell empty billboards.  We sell targeted neighborhood advertising signs (“HotSpots”) that allow advertisers to reach their specific audience with creative, engaging messaging. HotSpots are a network of more than 200 hyper-targeted billboard placements across 40 Chicago neighborhoods.

Here are three reasons why advertisers love HotSpots for getting their message out in Chicago neighborhoods.

HotSpots’s Advantages:

  1. You can target hyper-locally

  2. You can target specific audiences

  3. You can deploy strategic ad copy

With downtown billboards starting for as little as $30/day, fill out the form to get in touch with one of our advertising experts who will not only provide you a custom quote, but what strategy will be best for your business!


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