Neighborhood Feature: Bucktown

Forget up and coming – Bucktown is firmly established as one of the City’s hippest neighborhoods with some of the best food, nightlife and shopping anywhere in the Chicago. 

Check out some of our best advertising locations for getting your name on streets (and bike lanes) of Bucktown…

1- @ Properties C-1960 approaching 7.5.18.jpg

Damen Ave. and Armitage Ave.

This HotSpot location is perfect for advertisers looking to target millennials, as over 1/3 of residents are between the ages of 25-34 yrs. in this neighborhood.  Nearby mainstays include Coast Sushi Bar, Lottie’s Pub, and Map Room, a Bucktown institution offering one of the best selections of craft and import beers.

2- Belgravia C-1836 close up SOWA 2.JPG

Damen Ave. south of Armitage Ave.

Just north of The 606 Trail Access Point on Damen Ave., this poster is highly visible to motorists and pedestrians alike, especially since this billboard location is across the street from Churchill Field Park. Popular among dog owners, families with young children, and also one of the main parks used by intramural sport leagues in Chicago.

3- Goose Island C-2343 Walking Approach 7.9.2018.jpg

Damen Ave. south of Fullerton Ave.

Goose Island Beer Co. has taken advantage of our street-level board to target the young yet affluent residents and visitors in the neighborhood who frequent Midtown Athletic Club as well as The Hotel at Midtown.  Also perfectly located to reach shoppers on their way to Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Costco and Jewel-Osco, all within 1 mile of this unit.

4- Hulu C-1730 Copy Change SOWA 2.28.2019  (2).JPG

North Ave. and Hermitage Ave.

Big Star, Paradise Park, and Subterranean, located less than 1 block west of this Wild Posting, are just 3 of the many renown attractions that have people flocking to Bucktown!  With many young professionals and artists calling the area home, Bucktown is definitely one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Chicago.

5- Klopas Stratton C-1945 copy change approaching.jpg

Damen Ave. south of Armitage Ave.

Klopas Stratton chose a HotSpot ad location slightly south of the heavily trafficked intersection at Damen and Armitage Aves. to connect with couples and young families who seek more space but are not yet ready to make the leap to the suburbs.  Bucktown is within close proximity to downtown, all the exciting nightlife the city has to offer, and top-notch schools like Nook Preschool and Drummond Montessori.

6- Klopas Stratton C-2102 SOWA.JPG

North Ave. and Hoyne Ave.

1 blk west of the incredibly busy intersection at North, Damen, and Milwaukee Aves. and steps away from the Blue Line stop at Damen, this poster location checks every box that an advertiser is looking for! Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, Chop Shop, and the Robey Hotel are just a few attractions surrounding this Wild Posting that make Bucktown such a desirable place to be.