Why Big Brands Use Wallscapes

What Makes a Wallscape Different?

Wallscapes are different from other outdoor advertising formats because the graphic is fixed directly to the surface of a building (or sometimes painted on). Unlike normal billboard “bulletins” which are free-standing and typically come in a few standard sizes, wallscapes are typically much larger and come in an array of shapes and sizes.  This creates some very unique opportunities create buzz and interact with your audience. If you’re interested in making a big and memorable statement like the big brands do, wallscapes are a great option.

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Big and Bold

Often found in key locations that have the advantage of using the height of a building, wallscapes can tower above the streets, becoming their own landmark. This creates the perfect opportunity for big brands to advertise their name and message in an impactful way.

They are often located in high traffic sites, shopping areas and downtown spots within a metropolitan area. This can make them fantastic alternatives to traditional billboards where their availability might be limited.

Memorable and Shareable

Wallscapes are naturally artistic. Unlike a billboard where one would expect to see an ad, a wallscape is akin to a mural, and therefore feels like part of the city. When it is fixed directly to a building it becomes part of that community. This uniquely connects the viewer to the artwork and message, subconsciously making the brand feel more permanent, established, and accepted.

Not only that, but wallscapes are naturally unique because they are not limited to a typical size format and can easily be created in various sizes and shapes. This allows for a brand to stand out from the rest of the advertisements people often ignore and instead be something that stands out.

This is a Commodity

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This Is an Opportunity To Engage Your Audience

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How do you make it memorable and shareable? It’s all in the message. Figure out the one thing you’re trying to say, and say it in a compelling, interesting and fun way . Nobody wants to read anything, so you need to show them your message in a way that is interesting and engaging. Don’t forget to take advantage of the format by doing something unique and eye-catching with your design.

Compliments Online Efforts

Marketing online is still as important as ever, but it is also harder and harder to get noticed. If you want to be perceived as a major brand, you need to meet the your audience in the real world, not just on their phone. Big brands use wallscapes to engage their audience on the morning commute or a stroll in their neighborhood.

But they don’t stop there. Big brands use wallscapes to drive people to their online presence where they are able to click and act. One of the best ways to increase your social media, Google search results, or website traffic is to compliment it with wallscapes.

A 2017 Neilsen Study showed that outdoor advertising is one of the most effective mediums for driving online engagement. Nearly 5 in 10 U.S. residents age 18 or older (46%) have used Google, Bing, Yahoo or another Internet search engine to look up information after seeing or hearing something advertised on a billboard, bus shelter or other outdoor advertising or in a movie theater in the past six months. Further, about 25% of participants in the study posted a message on twitter or instagram after seeing an out of home advertisement.  What was most striking was that, in terms of media spending, outdoor advertising was between 3 and 7 times more effective in driving online engagement than other forms of traditional media.

Wallscape Case Studies

Take a look for yourself on how big brands are using wallscapes as part of their advertising strategy. We have collected a few examples for you to get inspired by!

  • Gap - This is a great example of concise and effective messaging. It uses a clever design to grab our attention while hitting a deeper feeling we all have to be unique.

  • A&E Kirstie Alley’s Big Life - Take a look at how A&E is using the big and bold format of wallscapes to clearly portray the message of this TV show.

  • ITT Industries - ITT Industries wanted to get noticed, and fast. They needed to be quickly recognized by tradeshow attendees in order to get them to attend their booth. So they placed 2 giant wallscapes right across from the tradeshow entrance.

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile - Wanting to meet the “on-the-go” worker where they were, Microsoft used a various array of OOH advertising including some great wallscapes to meet those workers out and about on their workday.

If you are interested in advertising your brand like the big brands do, get in touch with us and we can work with you on the perfect placement and design for your brand.