3 Reasons Advertisers Love HotSpots (not your typical billboard)

Smart outdoor advertising has moved passed simply buying billboards and blindly hoping for traffic to come. In order to expect to generate an ROI on your advertising efforts, you need to be diligent about your approach.

At View Chicago, we don’t sell empty billboards.  We sell targeted neighborhood advertising signs (“HotSpots”) that allow advertisers to reach their specific audience with creative, engaging messaging. HotSpots are a network of more than 200 hyper-targeted billboard placements across 40 Chicago neighborhoods.

Here are three reasons why advertisers love HotSpots for getting their message out in Chicago neighborhoods.


You Can Target Hyper-Locally

HotSpots allow you to target the exact market that you are interested in. This makes it perfect for neighborhood advertising. Our HotSpot Consultants will work with you on your strategy and pick the perfect location for your advertisement. This allows you to get very creative with your strategy. Here are some innovative ways that we have worked with customers in the past:

  • A popular restaurant placed happy hour specials at the exit to an EL stop targeting commuters getting off the train at the end of the day, headed towards their location.

  • Real estate teams have been very effective at placing one or more HotSpots in a single neighborhood to brand as “Bucktown” or “West Loop” experts,  driving web traffic to landing pages specifically geared for that neighborhood message.

  • We’ve even worked with a specialty plumbing company that was able to find multiple HotSpots in close proximity to stores that they know their customers purchase plumbing fixtures. It’s hard to get more targeted than that!


You Can Target Specific Audiences

The ability to target hyper-locally, paired with a wealth of knowledge of the Chicago market, allows our consultants to find your ideal audience. This saves you money by only buying the billboards that your customers see. Recently, we worked with Adidas on a social media influencers campaign around the opening of a new, flagship retail store.  The brand was extremely effective in choosing neighborhoods where their target demographic lives, selecting street level locations targeting pedestrians, and designing creative that engaged their audience with both neighborhood and social media messaging.

We’ve also worked with large personal injury law firms who have data on the top zip codes from which they draw clients. We can design programs that give them multiple HotSpots in each of their zip codes on a rotating basis.

If you know your target audience, we can get your message to them.  And if you don’t know your target audience, we can help you figure it out!


Deploy Strategic Ad Copy

We’ve said it before, but you can pick the biggest billboards at the busiest corners, but if you’re creative copy fails to hit your target audience with a compelling, interesting, fun message, then your advertising dollars will not generate a return.

With every client, our goal is to understand your business and create messaging the will engage your customers. The importance can’t be overstated and one of our favorites clients puts it best, “the quality of the graphics and signs are superb. We are receiving a tremendous number of calls from the signs.  They are really helping us get our name out there. The call to action is working so well that competitors are calling to ask me to remove the signs!”

(For more tips on what to look for in great copy look here)

If you are interested in our inventory of over 200 hyper-local billboard locations contact one of our HotSpot Consultants today.