4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Consider Wild Postings

When people first think about outdoor advertising they might immediately think highway billboards featuring a gas station or fast food restaurant at the next exit. While these ads may still be effective for certain types of businesses, many large brands are utilizing new media formats to put their message at street level and engage their audience right where they live.

These well-known brands strategize with outdoor advertising companies who have a deep knowledge of the market they work in and then they utilize effective formats. One format that is well known by these popular companies for creating brand awareness is Wild Postings.

Wild Postings are street-level advertising signs (posters) placed in areas with high pedestrian traffic especially in dense, urban environments.  Here are the four reasons why your business needs to consider Wild Postings.

#1 You Can’t Miss the Content

Wild Postings are unique from other types of outdoor advertising in that the street-level format is impossible to miss. They are set perfectly at eye-level and strategically placed in high-pedestrian areas, near public transit and retail. For many people who live and work in these areas, they can easily pass by a Wild Posting 4 times a day.

#2 Perfect for Interaction and Social Media Sharing

If you are looking for a way to encourage interaction with your advertising, Wild Postings are the perfect format. Because outdoor advertising is such a visual media, it lends itself to promoting engagement on photo-based social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When your advertisement is something that your audience can literally reach out and touch, it opens the door to creating the perfect content and messaging in order to leverage audience interaction.


#3 Highly Targeted Advertising

Wild Postings are specifically targeted for millennial demographics. We find locations in trendy neighborhoods and busy pedestrian areas near public transportation in order to be viewed by the exact audience you’re looking for.

You can purchase Wild Postings individually for a strategic local impact (in close proximity to a retail outlet) or you can purchase packages of locations across multiple neighborhoods with similar demographic profiles.


#4 They’re Real

Many advertisers have an advertising strategy that is one dimensional, trying to only utilize platforms like social media in order to increase brand awareness. But what many smart brands realize is with all the problems that can come with social media advertising (like click fraud) it’s smart to diversify and bring your brand into the real world where you know you’ll get some legit traction.

“It’s in the real world, so it’s not prone to click fraud—at least until someone invents bots that drive past billboards or take the bus and subway” says Matt O’Connor, founder and CEO of Adquick  

For reaching Chicago’s tastemakers and trendsetters it’s hard to find a better medium than Wild Postings. Inquire with us today to see how we can put you right in front of your audience.