Why You need Chicago Local Experts for Billboard Advertising

When it comes to billboard advertising, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of every one of your advertising dollars.

If you’re looking to advertise on billboards in Chicago, our local experts help advertisers navigate the Chicago landscape to target their message and maximize the return of their advertising spend.

Neighborhood Knowledge

The first step in strategizing the perfect advertising campaign is to determine your audience. Once that is known, we find you the neighborhoods that perfectly meet your target demographic. Within those neighborhoods, we hyper-target our approach in deciding on which exact locations and media types are best for your campaign. Are you trying to drive foot traffic or reach a younger demographic? A product like wild postings which are street-level and positioned near public transit hubs might be perfect.  Or if you’re looking for higher visibility to vehicle traffic, we might use HotSpots on streets with higher traffic counts.

If you are wondering how far you can really go with targeting, our HotSpot consultants will work with you to not only find the perfect location for your demographic but the best location for your strategy. See some examples of what we’ve done before.

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Advertising Expertise

At View Chicago, our goal is to  develop an understanding of your business and what you’re looking to accomplish with your advertising. Our expertise is in generating advertising ideas and creative designs that, when placed on the right billboard locations will generate results for your business.

We know we’re doing our job when the advertising concepts, designs and photography end up in your campaigns for digital, print, and even on competitor’s billboard locations!

We have a team of experts that will develop an understanding of your business and the goals you want to accomplish. You can expect us to generate creative and successful ad campaigns that drive your business in the Chicago area.

Graphics & Creative Design

We’ve said it before, but you can pick the biggest billboards at the busiest corners, but if you’re creative copy fails to hit your target audience with a compelling, interesting, and fun message, then your advertising dollars will not generate a return.

If you just want to put up your business card on a billboard, you don’t need us.  But if you want good advertising copy, experience and expertise can help. Good copy is...

  1. Image-centric - OOH is a big and visual medium. You only have a short period of time to make an impression, and images are the best for eliciting that emotional response you want.

  2. Bold - Your ad needs to be readable and loud. That’s why we use simple fonts and contrasting colors.

  3. Succinct - Make your message clear and to the point. Your call-to-action should be simple and said in 7 words or less.

  4. Effective - An ad can’t just be eye-catching. It also has to engage your audience and drive your business in real, measurable ways.


If you are wanting to grow your business in Chicago, use a local expert. Inquire with View Chicago today to see what local expertise can have as an impact on your outdoor advertising success.