Featured Billboard Creative - What Does Good Billboard Creative Look Like?

Good billboard creative is simple, but not easy.  When advertisers get it right, we look to examine what they’re doing that’s working. So that’s why we’ve decided to start featuring some of our favorite creative to help show what good billboard creative looks like.

Our featured billboard creative for this post is Goode Plumbing.

Goode Plumbing is a Chicago home services company who gets it right with this HotSpot placement in Lincoln Park.

Artboard 1.jpg

Here’s a few reasons why we love their billboard copy:

It’s Funny

Maybe it’s not Chris Farley crashing through a coffee table funny (judge for yourself… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPCnykL_ct0).

But it’s enough to crack a smile. In an age where there is endless competition for your audience’s attention, getting a laugh (even a little one) can go a long way to get your message above the noise.


It’s Clean

Often, advertisers try to cram too much information into their messaging.  Outdoor advertising works because the format is graphic and bold.  You have the opportunity to hit your audience with a simple message and a singular call to action.  

With excellent graphic design touches, Goode Plumbing is able to include the website and phone number while still maintaining a clean, readable layout.

This billboard copy… Not so clean…

This billboard copy… Not so clean…

It’s Well-placed

With the help of our neighborhood advertising experts, Goode picked locations near home-goods and home improvement centers that they know are frequented by their customers and prospects.

By the way, it’s also award-winning! Congratulations to Adam Owen and our very own Blaire Gunderson on winning the 2019 IBO Award for Best Billboard Creative in the Services category.


It’s Your Turn

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